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18 September 2015

Closer To Heaven returns

We are pleased to announce that "Closer to Heaven" will return to the Union Theatre in London following its sell-out run in April earlier this year. Featuring music and lyrics by Pet Shop Boys and a script by Jonathan Harvey, the show will begin a brand new run from Wednesday 21 October to Saturday 28 November 2015. Tickets for these new shows are now on sale from the link below.
UPDATE: The new cast has just been announced. Full details at the Whatsonstage link below.

The Union Theatre


Pet Shop Boys - Electric Pet Shop Boys Merchandise


18 September 2015
Closer To Heaven returns

The musical production returns to London for another run.

15 August 2015
The last Electric show

Tonight in Helsinki.

14 August 2015
Way Out West

PSB in Sweden tonight.

29 June 2015
The last two Electric shows

The never-ending tour is ending.

10 June 2015
The next two shows

Italy and Slovenia.

Tour dates


Pet Texts

3 October 2015
Happy Birthday, Chris!

It's Chris's birthday tomorrow. If you'd like to send him your birthday greetings, a fan has set up a message board where you can do precisely that. Link below. Happy Birthday, Chris!



On this day

1959: Christopher Sean Lowe is born in Blackpool, Lancashire, U.K.

1990: The Boys perform 'So Hard' on Top of the Pops.

2001: They finish their recording work on their next album, Release.

2004: The Pet Shop Boys receive Q Magazine's annual Inspiration Award, given to 'acts that have inspired new generations of musicians, songs, and music lovers in general.'

2007: Chris, in Moscow for a DJ'ing gig at a club opening, celebrates his birthday with a dinner at a restaurant with several friends and acquaintances, including Dainton Connell. It will be the last time Chris sees him before the automobile accident several hours later that claims Dainton's life.

2009: The Boys are in Santiago, Chile, having arrived a day or two beforehand so that they can enjoy several days off before their concert there on the 7th. Neil notes on their official website that this afternoon he is 'recovering from Chris's birthday party.'

2012: Chris spends his birthday working with Neil on their upcoming musical tribute to Alan Turing, after which he enjoys dinner with friends. On the Boys' official website he describes it as 'a wonderful day.'

2013: The Pet Shop Boys perform in Portland, Oregon.

Lyric of the day

It's easy when you've got all the information
Inside help, no investigation
No questions in the house
no give and take
There's a big bang in the city
We're all on the make

From Shopping

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