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18 August 2014

Electric holiday

Pet Shop Boys are now taking a short holiday. The Electric tour will resume at the Electric Picnic festival in Ireland on Thursday, August 29th, and then continue with more dates in the UK. Full details can be found in the Tour section of this site.


Pet Shop Boys - Electric Pet Shop Boys Merchandise


18 August 2014
Electric holiday

After a break, the tour continues on August 29th.

9 August 2014
An Electric week

Five concerts in seven days

24 July 2014
Last night's Prom

The Tennant/Lowe/Hodges tribute to Turing is premiered.

23 July 2014
A Man From The Future

The world premiere at the BBC Proms in London takes place tonight.

19 July 2014

PSB announce a new tour date in Taiwan.

Pet Texts

14 August 2014
Protest in Prague



On this day

1998: Neil completes the vocals for 'Radiophonic.'

1999: The Boys perform at Germany's Viva Comet Awards show, where they win 'Best International Video' for 'I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Any More.'

2007: Chris and Neil attend a performance in Edinburgh of the musical built around their songs, Seriously: Pet Shop Boys, Reinterpreted. Although they had seen it previously on a specially created DVD, they had never before seen it 'live.' Afterwards both of them praise the show; Chris describes it as 'very moving.'

2011: Neil is among the guests at comedian David Walliams's fortieth birthday celebration at Scott's, a fine-dining establishment in the Mayfair section of London.

2013: The Pet Shop Boys perform their Electric Tour show in Shanghai, China.

Lyric of the day

Just a routine procedure
(We're watching you)
A sample of your DNA
(The things you do)
Queuing to be finger-printed
(You could be dangerous)
going to the USA
Another routine procedure
(We're on your case)
driving in your car
(We've seen your face)
Stopped and searched and questioned
(some place before)
Can you prove who you are?

From We're all criminals now

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