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15 August 2015

The last Electric show

The last performance of Pet Shop Boys' Electric tour will take place tonight at the Flow Festival in Helsinki. Pet Shop Boys will be onstage at 10.30 pm. The tour began in 2013 and has visited 38 countries. After a holiday, Chris and Neil will be working on their new album with producer Stuart Price. The album is expected to be released in March/April next year.

Flow Festival


Pet Shop Boys - Electric Pet Shop Boys Merchandise


15 August 2015
The last Electric show

Tonight in Helsinki.

14 August 2015
Way Out West

PSB in Sweden tonight.

29 June 2015
The last two Electric shows

The never-ending tour is ending.

10 June 2015
The next two shows

Italy and Slovenia.

2 June 2015

The Electric tour sparks back into action.

Tour dates


Pet Texts

14 August 2015

Pete Gleadall (with a flag coming out of his head) with Neil. Chris x



On this day

1988: The Pet Shop Boys record 'What Keeps Mankind Alive' for a BBC Radio One show commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the first performance of Kurt Weill's The Threepenny Opera.

1999: The Boys headline at the Creamfields dance music festival near Liverpool.

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I can't be cool
or nonchalant
Call me an impulsive fool
You're all I want
You may be right
It's too much, too soon
to talk of love all night
in your bedroom

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