July 1975

After completing a degree in history at the Polytechnic of North London, Neil takes a job at Marvel Comics, anglicizing spellings and indicating where over-risque woman needed to be redrawn decently. While there he interviews comic fan Marc Bolan, who politely points out that his tape recorder wasn't working. In 1977 he works at Macdonald Educational Publishing, later moving to ITV Books. In June 1982, he joins Smash Hits.

On This Day


Neil and Chris are in the studio working on 'Positive Role Model.'


The Fundamental tour comes to Miami Beach.


Still in Buenos Aires following their concert the night before, Chris and Neil watch television coverage of the funeral of former Boyzone singer Stephen Gately. On their official website they write, 'We got to know him a few years ago and he was always such fun to be around. A very sweet guy gone far too soon.' Later the Boys fly to Lima, Peru, where fans greet them at the airport. They are then driven directly to a TV studio for a live evening appearance on El Show de los Sueños ('The Show of Dreams'). They perform two songs—'Love etc.' and 'Always on My Mind'—and are interviewed by host Gisela Valcárcel.


They work all day in the studio on the song 'Odd Man Out.'


Neil and Chris make a live appearance at the Rough Trade East record store in London to sign copies of an exclusive seven-inch vinyl single of 'Leaving' as well as copies of their most recent album Elysium.


Neil and Chris attend Cliff Richard's concert this evening at London's Royal Albert Hall. They share a box-seating section with Chris's mother and sister.

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