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30 April 2016

Brick England with Jean-Michel Jarre

Pet Shop Boys have collaborated with Jean-Michel Jarre on his new album, Electronica Vol 2: The Heart Of Noise, which will be released worldwide on May 6th. As previously announced here, Pet Shop Boys accepted Jarre's invitation to collaborate together on a new song for the album. Working with an instrumental track by Jarre, Neil and Chris added music and lyrics to create a new song, "Brick England". The lyrics are in part inspired by a passage from Charles Dickens' novel, "Hard Times".
Other artists featured on the album include Primal Scream, Gary Numan, Jeff Mills, Yello, The Orb, Sebastien Tellier, Hans Zimmer and Cyndi Lauper.
Electronica Vol 2: The Heart Of Noise can be pre-ordered via the links below and you can also hear a short clip of “Brick England” in the trailer for the album below.

Electronica Vol 2 Trailer
Pre-order on iTunes
Pre-order on CD
Jean-Michel Jarre website


27 May 2016

The Pop Kids

Pet Texts

27 April 2016
Sometimes it snows in April

Prince was right. Neil x