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Pet Texts November 2015

16 November 2015

Princess Julia

Had a fantastic time at An audience with Princess Julia tonight. So many great memories. An absolute legend of the London fashion and club scene!
Chris x

The World of Princess Julia

16 November 2015

Music mourns

Six music professionals were among those murdered in the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris. They were at the Bataclan venue when gunmen opened fire. The full tragic story is at the link below. "Let's support one another as we grapple with the weight of this darkness" - Lucien Grange, Universal Music Group.

Music Business Worldwide

15 November 2015

Billie Trix

The 2015 Union Theatre Billie Trix (Katie Meller) met her 2001 Arts Theatre predecessor (Frances Barber) at the show this afternoon which was also attended by writer Jonathan Harvey.

08 November 2015


We went to the matinee of Closer to Heaven at the Union Theatre yesterday and enjoyed it again. Congratulations to Ben Kavanagh for giving a remarkable performance as Billie Trix (see photo), standing in, at very short notice, for Katie Meller who is ill (but back on Tuesday). We liked it so much we returned to see the second half of the evening performance! A truly international audience, including people from Italy, Germany, Costa Rica... Lovely to meet them. Neil x

07 November 2015

The Lab LDN

Me and Neil spent a couple of hours last night at the Lab LDN. A lot of fun and great music from Nic Fanciulli and Lauren Lane. You can watch at the link below. (I think we managed to avoid the camera!) Chris x

The Lab LDN on YouTube

03 November 2015

The Song Machine

I've just finished reading this excellent book by New Yorker writer, John Seabrook. If you're interested in modern pop music and how it's created, this book - "The Song Machine" - takes you to the studios, offices and homes where the hits are being written and recorded. Highly recommended. Neil x

John Seabrook
The Guardian

01 November 2015

Union Theatre

The "Closer To Heaven" team at the Union Theatre in London have just sent us a new set of production photos. Click on the link below to see images of the production including the new cast members. The show is getting a fantastic reaction from audiences - Neil and Chris went to see it a few days ago and enjoyed it so much that they are planning a return visit.

Union Theatre photos
CTH tickets

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18 November 2015
Asian Music Awards

Pet Shop Boys head to Asia.

1 November 2015
Closer To Heaven returns

The musical production returns to London for another run.

15 August 2015
The last Electric show

Tonight in Helsinki.

14 August 2015
Way Out West

PSB in Sweden tonight.

29 June 2015
The last two Electric shows

The never-ending tour is ending.