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Pet Texts April 2014

20 April 2014

Just deserts

Having a couple days off after an epic drive and performance at Coachella yesterday. See you at Moogfest. Chris

Moogfest review

19 April 2014

Record Store Day

Hope some of you managed to get a copy of the "Fluorescent" 12"! Neil x (Review from NME)

19 April 2014

Back to Coachella

We've just driven from Phoenix to near Coachella. Back for our second performance at the festival later. It doesn't seem to be windy like last week which is good news! Neil

18 April 2014

Phoenix tonight

Amazing what you can do with cardboard and silver foil...

18 April 2014


They've spent months sewing on thousands of plastic straws and the pointy hat lights up. Brilliant.

17 April 2014

Diamond Version

Last year I sang on a track by the Berlin electronic duo, Diamond Version (Olaf Bender and Carsten Nicolai). It will appear on their debut album, "CI", to be released by Mute on June 2nd (May 30th Germany/Australia/Benelux; June 3rd USA). The track is called "Were You There?" and is a collaborative version of an old gospel hymn which you can hear now at the Soundcloud link below. Neil x

Diamond Version

16 April 2014

Delusions of grandeur

Visited the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas to see his strangely fascinating paintings of world leaders. There's a replica Oval Office there... Neil x

15 April 2014


This amazing family have gone to a lot of effort with their outfits for tonight. And travelled to Dallas from Oklahoma. Bravo! Neil x

Dallas News (review)

13 April 2014

Last night

We had an exciting first night at Coachella. Drove through a sandstorm to get there and had to adapt the production because of high winds and sand and dust in the air on site. But the great audience made it worthwhile. Back next Saturday! Neil x

Billboard review
Rolling Stone review
Rolling Stone photo
Billboard photo

12 April 2014

Backstage at Coachella

Not easy getting in.

12 April 2014

In the Winnebago

Getting ready for a portrait for Vanity Fair.

Vanity Fair

12 April 2014

On the road...

to Indio. Chris x

11 April 2014

Ask us a question

We're going to be starting work on a new issue of our magazine, Literally, in a couple of weeks and we'd like to answer some of your questions in it. If you have a question for us, send it in an email to with the subject "Letters" and you might find it answered in the next Literally. All emails must be received by midnight on Thursday, April 24th. Neil

10 April 2014


Now that's a Californian lunch! Neil x

10 April 2014


We stopped at San Simeon on the drive down from San Francisco today. Great show in Oakland last night! Neil x

09 April 2014


Elephant seals on the beach at San Simeon, California. Neil x

08 April 2014


Driving from Oakland to San Francisco after rehearsals. Nice to be back on tour. Neil x

03 April 2014

"Chocolat au Electric"

We just received these from Japan! Thanks xx Neil

01 April 2014

Frankie Knuckles

We are very sad to hear that the legendary Frankie Knuckles has died. The word "legendary" is rather overused these days, but Frankie Knuckles was a true dance legend and a pioneer of house music. We were honoured to work with him in 1988 when he did his brilliant dark mix of "I want a dog". It was so exciting to drive out to Jersey City to hear this mix for the first time in his studio and then drive back to New York with the mix on repeat. We were thrilled with it and included it on our album, Introspective. In 1990 Frankie came over to London to play at Chris's birthday party at Brixton Academy and enthralled the crowd with his brilliant set. In the early days, House music was referred to as "Chicago House" after the city where it was invented - it was great to visit the city last year and see that a street had been named after the music's inventor: Frankie Knuckles Way. Love and respect forever. xx

BBC News
Frankie Knuckles: Your Love
I want a dog (Frankie Knuckles mix)

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24 April 2014
A Man From The Future

The first performance of PSB's Alan Turing project is announced as part of a BBC Prom concert.

23 April 2014
Jazz Fest Wien, Austria

Tickets for the Austrian concert go on sale.

18 April 2014
Record Store Day

Fluorescent released on limited edition 12" vinyl.

17 April 2014
Babylon Soundgarden, Turkey

Turkey is added to the Electric 2014 tour.

16 April 2014
Sandance Festival, Dubai

PSB headline Sandance Festival in Dubai.