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Pet Texts October 2015

03 October 2015

Happy Birthday, Chris!

It's Chris's birthday tomorrow. If you'd like to send him your birthday greetings, a fan has set up a message board where you can do precisely that. Link below. Happy Birthday, Chris!

Happy Birthday, Chris

01 October 2015

15-Second Shakespeare

Check out actor Michael Sheen's Shakespearean delivery of "West End girls" at the Twitter link below. It's all in aid of the Red Cross...

Twitter: Michael Sheen
15-Second Shakespeare

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Tour dates



18 September 2015
Closer To Heaven returns

The musical production returns to London for another run.

15 August 2015
The last Electric show

Tonight in Helsinki.

14 August 2015
Way Out West

PSB in Sweden tonight.

29 June 2015
The last two Electric shows

The never-ending tour is ending.

10 June 2015
The next two shows

Italy and Slovenia.