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Memory of the future

31 December 2012

The third single from "Elysium". Released on December 31st, 2012, in two formats.

The third single from "Elysium". Released on December 31st, 2012.


Memory of the future (new single mix)


One night




Other Singles


30 October 2014
South Africa

Pet Shop Boys announce three tour dates in South Africa.

27 October 2014
Best cover version ever!

"Always On My Mind" by PSB is number one in the BBC Music song covers poll.

15 October 2014

An extra Electric date in Uruguay next month.

1 October 2014
Electric tour 2013-2014

It's finished (more or less).

17 September 2014
Last Electric dates

The four last Electric dates are imminent.

On this day

1963: Future Smiths/Electronic guitarist and frequent PSB collaborator John Maher—better known as Johnny Marr—is born in Manchester, U.K.

1984: The Pet Shop Boys sign a five-year management contract with Tom Watkins of Massive Management.

1999: The Boys perform at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

2005: Neil and Chris write an unidentified song with Robbie Williams.

2010: Continuing the promotional activities related to the new PSB hits collection Ultimate, Neil is featured on Matt Everitt's BBC6 radio show The First Time. The music programmed for the show includes not only several PSB numbers but also tracks by other artists that have influenced them or otherwise played a role in their history, including (among others) the Beatles' 'Fool on the Hill,' the Incredible String Band's 'October,' the Flirts' 'Passion,' Donna Summer's 'I Feel Love,' and, perhaps most surprisingly, Isao Tomita's electronic rendition of Debussy's 'The Girl with the Flaxen Hair.'

Pet Texts

29 October 2014
West End girls

Check out this heavy metal version of "West End girls"...

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