29 August 2007
Disco 4

Pet Shop Boys release “Disco 4”, the fourth album in a continuing series, on Parlophone on September 24th. The album is available on CD and vinyl.

“Disco 4” collects together Pet Shop Boys’ extended dance mixes of The Killers, Madonna, Yoko Ono, Rammstein, Atomizer and David Bowie, as well as a new extended mix of PSB live highlight “Integral” and their maxi-mix of the single “I’m With Stupid”. In this respect “Disco 4” differs from the concept of previous Disco albums, which were primarily remixes of Pet Shop Boys’ tracks by other artists and DJ’s. The series was launched with “Disco” in 1986; “Disco 2” and “Disco 3” followed in 1994 and 2003 respectively.

The full track listing of the album is:

  1. The Killers: Read My Mind (PSB Stars Are Blazing mix)
  2. David Bowie with Pet Shop Boys: Hallo Spaceboy (PSB Extended mix)
  3. Pet Shop Boys: Integral (PSB Perfect Immaculate mix)
  4. Yoko Ono: Walking On Thin Ice (PSB Electro mix)
  5. Madonna: Sorry (PSB Maxi-mix)
  6. Atomizer: Hooked On Radiation (PSB Orange Alert mix)
  7. Rammstein: Mein Teil (PSB There Are No Guitars On This mix)
  8. Pet Shop Boys: I'm with Stupid (PSB Maxi-mix)

“Integral” will have a limited service to club and selected radio DJ’s, whilst a politically-inspired video for the track will be made available through You Tube and the Pet Shop Boys’ website

The video will feature new technology which will enable the viewer to take a picture of any of a number of 3D bar codes on the video, which will then transfer the participant to a wide selection of websites relevant to the subject matter of the track. In this way, the subject matter of the song – originally written as a protest against the proposed introduction of ID cards and the gradual erosion of personal freedom taking place in the current political climate – can become the starting point for a wider exploration of the topic through a variety of other forums.

“Disco 4” is released on CD and limited-edition, numbered vinyl on September 24th. Please note that it will not be available to download as it was not possible to secure digital release rights from the various artists involved.

The artwork is designed by Farrow.

Recent News

20 July 2020

The BFI today release the standard edition Blu-ray/DVD set of the restored PSB feature film “It Couldn’t Happen Here”.

Standard edition released
26 June 2020

Five Pet Shop Boys music videos that have been updated with improved high definition audio and video tracks are now available to watch in a new YouTube playlist at the link below.

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22 June 2020

The BFI today confirm that they will be releasing a standard edition of the Pet Shop Boys film “It Couldn't Happen Here” on July 20th.

19 June 2020

The Limited Edition DVD/Blu-ray set of Pet Shop Boys’ 1988 feature film "It Couldn’t Happen Here" is now sold out at most stores.

BFI Player
17 June 2020

Pet Shop Boys are delighted to confirm that their performance at PSM Caz Festivali in Istanbul, Turkey has been rescheduled for July 3rd 2021.

17 June 2020

Pet Shop Boys are pleased to announce that their Release Athens show at Water Plaza has been rescheduled to Thursday, July 1st 2021.

15 June 2020

The BFI today release the restored version of Pet Shop Boys’ 1988 feature film, “It Couldn’t Happen Here”, directed by Jack Bond and starring Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe alongside Joss Ackland and Barbara Windsor.

11 June 2020

We can now announce the rescheduled 2021 dates for Pet Shop Boys' and New Order’s highly anticipated Unity Tour of North America.

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