Pastoral playlist

Neil has chosen a selection of tracks for a “Pastoral” playlist in The Observer newspaper today. Link below.


Someone has kindly done a Spotify Playlist of all my song choices in Literally/Annually from the very first issue to the current one. Some great stuff and some not so great! Chris x

The Ancient Mariner

The Ancient Mariner

Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s epic poem, “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”, is being read in daily instalments in a production by the University of Plymouth. Episode 21 today is read by Neil Tennant. Link below.

VE Day

My mother Sheila (second from the right) at the end of the war. She was in the Women’s Royal Air Force. Neil x

Number one

Pet Shop Boys’ new single “I don’t wanna” is number one in the UK physical singles chart this week. The “I don’t wanna” single package is available on CD, vinyl and digital platforms at the link below.

Answers from Isolation

Answers from Isolation

I was recently asked by Sadie Coles Gallery in London to share a few “Answers from Isolation”. The feature is now available on Instagram at the link below. Neil x

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day and the folk singer Sam Lee will be celebrating it by broadcasting live on You Tube at 10 pm this evening, taking listeners "on a journey into the woods of Sussex to hear the unforgettable song of the nightingale". He will also be linking up with special guest musicians in their own homes for "real-time improvised duets and poetic offerings". The music will include a piece by PSB from their “My Beautiful Laundrette” music. Link to the broadcast below. UPDATE: The entire broadcast can be heard at the You Tube link below. PSB are at approx 2:21.

Japan 1991

On tour in Japan in 1991. Polaroid from my diary of that year. Stay safe! Neil x

Berlin 1991

January, 1991, and we're in Berlin to perform "Being boring" on the former East German TV variety show, "Ein Kessel Buntes". Chris has bought a Soviet military hat at an impromptu market near the Brandenburg Gate.


A Polaroid from the "Behaviour" photo-session with Eric Watson, London, July 23, 1990. Happy Easter! Neil x

Annually playlist

As the latest edition of “Annually” is shipping, Pet Shop Boys’ lists of their five favourite records from last year are now available to stream in a new playlist on Spotify. Link below.

Keep your distance

Keep your distance

We all need to practise “social distancing” these days. Link below.


Noodling on the piano yesterday. Video links below. Chris x


And these are anxious times! What are you listening to? Neil x

Books reviewed

The reissues of Chris Heath’s books, “Pet Shop Boys, Literally” and “Pet Shop Boys Versus America” are discussed and reviewed by BBC News. Link below.


Self-isolating at home! Like you, I’m trying to stay safe… Neil xxx

Tom Watkins

Chris and I were sad to learn that our first manager Tom Watkins has died after being ill for several years. I first met Tom in 1975 and then a decade later he became our manager. He was a genuine larger-than-life personality – his company was called Massive Management – and we learned a lot together about the music business and had many good times. After Tom ceased to be our manager, I remained his friend for several years but for various reasons long-term friendship with Tom wasn’t possible. However Chris and I will always be grateful for his efforts on our behalf in the early days of our career and we have many memories of fun times with him back then. Today we sent flowers to his funeral with the message: “Thanks for five Massive years”. Neil x

New boy

I have a box of cassettes of demos Chris and I made in Camden in the early 80s. This is one from 1984. The song "New boy in town", written around the same time as "Rent", was finished and recorded by us in 2018 and will be included on the next single package. (It's now called "New boy".) Full release details soon. Neil x

Prospect Cottage

Visiting Prospect Cottage in Dungeness, Kent, the former home and garden of Derek Jarman. I have many happy memories of visiting Derek here in the late 80s and early 90s. One sunny spring afternoon in 1989 we sat outside drinking tea and discussing ideas for our first tour production which Derek directed. Go to the link below to read about plans to ensure the future of Prospect Cottage.

First, Last and Everything

First, Last and Everything

Neil today shared his 'First, Last and Everything' with Stuart Maconie on BBC 6 Music: the first record he owned, the most recent one he's been enjoying and the record that means 'everything' to him. Link below.

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