PSB questions are answered in this popular British TV show. Link below.

Off West End Awards

Off West End Awards

Finalists for this year’s Off West End Awards have been announced, ahead of a ceremony in February. Nicknamed The Offies, the awards look to celebrate small-scale theatre productions in London. Congratulations to Frances Barber who has been nominated for Best Lead Performance in “Musik” at the Leicester Square Theatre last year. Full list of nominees below.

Film locations

If you’ve watched the reissue of “It Couldn’t Happen Here”, you might be interested in this short film of the seaside locations then and now. Link below.

Bruce Springsteen

“I love the Pet Shop Boys!” Bruce Springsteen plays two PSB songs on his latest Sirius radio show. Full story at the link below.

Harold Budd

Very sad to read that Harold Budd, one of my favourite musicians and composers, died from the Covid virus ten days ago. He made so much beautiful, atmospheric music, often in collaboration with other artists like Brian Eno and Robin Guthrie. If you’ve never heard his music, give him a listen. Neil x

Barbara Windsor

Rest in peace beautiful Barbara Windsor. We had such fun making our film with you and it was always a joy to see you. When we played the Royal Opera House in 2016, you were dancing in the Royal Box! Love, Neil and Chris


A survey on the music website Stereogum of every number one record in the USA has arrived in 1986 and “West End girls”. Read what they have to say at the link below.


Work is underway for the 2021 issue of Annually and this year it will include a bumper selection of letters from you. So, if you have a question for Chris and Neil, send it in an email by Monday, December 14th, to info@beckerbrown.com. (Alternatively, you could leave a question on Facebook or Twitter.) Details of how to pre-order your copy of Annually will be on this site early next year.

Atelier E.B.

Nice cap! If you're interested, go to the link to read about the Atelier E.B. art and fashion collaboration which has produced it. (PSB have no involvement with this company.)


A double rainbow in London this afternoon! Hope you’re all keeping well. Neil x

Someone’s birthday

Someone’s birthday

Chris Lowe is 61 today apparently. Personally I don’t believe it. Chris xx

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen plays Pet Shop Boys’ version of his song “The last to die” on his radio show, now on BBC Sounds. Link below.

Great Northern Playlist

Great Northern Playlist

Tomorrow evening, Sunday August 16th, BBC Radio 2 and ten BBC local radio stations will come together to perform the Great Northern Playlist, songs from the north of England chosen by BBC Radio listeners and “reimagined” by the BBC Philharmonic. “It’s a sin” will be one of the hits included. More details at the links below.


Polaroid from 1993 photo-session with Andy Earl for “I wouldn’t normally…” artwork. Costume by David Fielding. Love that wig! Neil x


First time I’ve been on a train since March! Hope you’re all keeping well. Neil xx

Birthday boy

Thanks for all your lovely birthday messages! Neil xx

Happy Birthday, Neil

Happy Birthday, Neil

It’s Neil’s birthday this Friday. If you’d like to leave him a birthday message, a fan has kindly set up a guestbook where you can do that. Link below.

Books reviewed

There's a review of "Pet Shop Boys, Literally" and "Pet Shop Boys versus America" in this week's issue of the Times Literary Supplement. Link below.

Hong Kong

Just wanted to say hello to all of our friends in Hong Kong (where we played our first full-length concert in 1989 – pic above). Love, Neil x

Peter's Pop Show

Four PSB live performances on Peter’s Pop Show from the 1980s have been released on YouTube and are available to watch at the link below. Pet Shop Boys appeared twice on the cult German TV chart show to perform “Suburbia” and “Opportunities (Let’s make lots of money)” on December 6th, 1986 and “It’s a sin” and “Rent” on December 5th, 1987. Peter's Pop Show was held at Dortmund’s Westfallenhalle from 1984 until 1993 and traditionally aired during Christmas time and on New Years Eve. The show’s eponymous host, Peter Illmann, is more widely known in Germany for his influential 1980s pop TV series “Formel 1”.

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