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09 January 2015

Literally/Fan Club

Neil and Chris decided at the end of last year to wind up their fan club, the Pet Shop Boys Club, members of which received their magazine "Literally". All current members of the Club have been informed of this by letter and thanked for their support. The primary function of the Club was to enable subscription to "Literally" and we are pleased to confirm that publication of this exclusive magazine - which has been issued for over 25 years - will continue annually. It will be available to purchase at the end of each year from the store on this site (as is the latest edition at the special price of £3.00). All Club members who have outstanding issues owed to them under an existing subscription will, of course, receive them as they are published. The annual Pet Shop Boys Christmas card, traditionally posted to Club members, was sent out in December by email to the thousands of fans who have signed up to their mailing list (link below). Advance news of upcoming releases, concerts, merchandise offers etc is regularly emailed directly to everyone on the mailing list as well as being reported on this site. After a very busy 2014, Chris and Neil would like to thank all their fans for their enthusiastic support. They are currently writing songs for their next studio album.

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Pet Shop Boys - Electric Pet Shop Boys Merchandise


9 January 2015
Literally/Fan Club

The Club is closed but the magazine continues.

23 December 2014
Merry Christmas

It's that time of the year (when The Pogues complain that they were kept off the Christmas number one in 1987 by "Always on my mind"...).

30 October 2014
South Africa

Pet Shop Boys announce three tour dates in South Africa.

27 October 2014
Best cover version ever!

"Always On My Mind" by PSB is number one in the BBC Music song covers poll.

15 October 2014

An extra Electric date in Uruguay next month.

Tour dates


Pet Texts

28 January 2015

Two hats from the Electric tour are being auctioned on eBay to benefit the charity, St Mungo's Broadway, which helps the homeless. In the tour wardrobe there were two of each hat and these are the back-up ones. The Boy cap is signed by Chris and the mirrored bowler is signed by Neil. Go to the link below for more details and to place a bid.



On this day

1982: Produced by Bobby 'O' Orlando, the Flirts' 'Passion'—which ends up having a major influence on PSB—is released.

1998: The Boys perform the first of two concerts in St. Petersburg, Russia.

1999: Kylie Minogue records her vocals for 'In Denial.'

2010: To help celebrate 30 years of the BRIT Awards, Mastercard sponsors a competition for a member of the British public to win a live performance by an award-winner in the living room of his or her own home. The winner, Lorraine Sands of Twickenham, is surprised when the Pet Shop Boys appear today at her doorstep. They then recreate a portion of their recent Pandemonium Tour show in her living room, complete with backup singers and dancers. They perform four songs: 'Suburbia,' 'All Over the World,' 'It's a Sin,' and 'West End Girls.' Afterward Neil describes the experience as 'surreal but very good fun.'

2011: While visiting Berlin, Chris and Neil write a new song called 'Multi-Kulti,' inspired by German chancellor Angela Merkel. (This song, still unreleased, is later retitled 'About Time.')

2012: Neil re-records the vocal for 'Leaving.'

2014: An online report states that Neil has written a soon-to-be-published autobiography titled Pedipedia that, among other things, describes something of a feud between David Bowie and Elton John. The story is almost immediately refuted by a source within the PSB organization, and the report is quickly taken down.

Lyric of the day

You'd better change for the better
Start using some common sense
Take it from me
there's got to be
an end to this decadence

From Decadence

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