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03 February 2016

Pet Shop Boys Documentary

“Pet Shop Boys Documentary”, a four-part series of hour-long programmes, will be broadcast on BBC Radio 2 next month, 30 years after the release of Pet Shop Boys’ first album, Please. Starting on Wednesday, March 23rd, at 10 pm, the series will feature specially recorded in-depth interviews with Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, plus contributions from key collaborators, commentators and admirers. Part One will be narrated by Graham Norton and will focus on the Please, Actually, Introspective, Behaviour, Very and Bilingual album eras.
The second part, airing the following evening, will be devoted to Nightlife, Release, Fundamental, Yes and Elysium. The third and fourth parts of the series will be broadcast the following week and focus on PSB’s many creative collaborations and finally on the creation of their new album, Super, which is released on April 1st.

BBC Radio 2 website
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Listen to new track 'Inner Sanctum'


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3 February 2016
Pet Shop Boys Documentary

BBC Radio 2 announce a four part documentary celebrating the career of Pet Shop Boys.

21 January 2016
A New Album And Live Dates

Pet Shop Boys announce the new album, Super, and live dates at the Royal Opera House.

23 December 2015
Happy New Year

Looking forward to an exciting 2016.

6 December 2015
MAMA PSB f(x) performance

Watch it here.

2 December 2015
MNET Asian Music Awards

PSB are in Hong Kong today.

Pet Texts

10 February 2016

Nice to see (and hear) that "Inner sanctum" has been getting some radio play here and there. Thanks to BBC 6 Music for playlisting it (link to their complete playlist below). Meanwhile, "The Pop Kids" is coming soon!



On this day

1988: After the Boys help pay for a gay-supportive anti-Clause 28 newspaper ad, a spokesman tells the Daily Mirror that 'they support a variety of causes.'

2000: The Boys perform in Berlin.

2005: Neil finishes recording vocals for 'Fugitive.'

2007: The Pet Shop Boys had been nominated for two Grammy Awards—Best Dance/Electronic Album and Best Dance Single—but lose out to Madonna and Justin Timberlake, respectively.

2008: Chris appears as a witness at St. Pancras Coroner's Court in London during the inquest into the death of PSB friend and assistant Dainton Connell in an automobile accident the previous October in Moscow. He testifies how he'd seen Dainton only shortly before the accident at a dinner celebrating his (Chris's) birthday.

2009: Despite the fact that he's suffering from a nasty bout of either food poisoning or stomach flu, Neil is interviewed via telephone for a radio show on various subjects, including the upcoming new album Yes, the Brits Awards, and submitting a song shortly before Christmas to Shirley Bassey, who's in the process of recording a new album of her own.

2011: They begin writing a new song titled 'Vocal.'


01 April 2016


Lyric of the day

Ich nicht sprechen Deutsch!
Ich nicht sprechen Deutsch!
I said
Ich nicht sprechen Deutsch!
Ich nicht sprechen Deutsch!

From Entschuldigung!

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