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15 April 2015

Tres Sesenta Festival

Pet Shop Boys will headline Tres Sesenta Festival in Spain on June 7th, becoming their third show in the country during the Electric summer 2015 tour. Held in Pamplona, the festival will celebrate its fourth edition with performances from the likes of Buzzcocks, Mi Captain, Arizona Baby, Supersubmarina, Is Tropical, León Benavente and Loquillo.
Tickets can be purchased from the Tres Sesenta Festival official website, accessed from the link below.



Pet Shop Boys - Electric Pet Shop Boys Merchandise


15 April 2015
Tres Sesenta Festival

Pet Shop Boys add a third Spanish date to their 2015 tour.

27 March 2015
Way Out West

The Electric 2015 tour will come to Sweden this summer.

27 March 2015
Flow Festival Helsinki

Pet Shop Boys return to Finland to appear at Flow Festival.

23 March 2015
Festival Jardins De Pedralbes

The Electric tour makes a second visit to Spain this year.

16 March 2015
Closer To Heaven returns

A brand new London production opens next month.

Pet Texts

15 April 2015
Closer to press night

This afternoon we went to the first run-through of the new production of "Closer To Heaven". Astonishing how far the cast have come in just over two weeks of rehearsals! The small Union Theatre is perfect for the club environment of the show and all the cast are excellent. Roll on press night next week! Neil x



On this day

1989: Liza Minnelli begins recording the vocals for her album Results, produced and largely written by the Pet Shop Boys. This will be the first of five consecutive nights of session work.

1995: Chris and Neil begin work on a new version of 'Paninaro,' which will eventually become 'Paninaro '95.'

2005: Chris and Neil write a new song, 'China.' Afterwards ('rather appropriately,' as Neil puts it), they have dinner with singer Gary Barlow at the London Chinese restaurant Mr. Chow's.

2011: They work in the studio on 'Breathing Space' and 'Night and the City.'

2014: The Boys perform tonight in Phoenix, Arizona.

Lyric of the day

An impasse has been reached
with the teacher of the rich
To quit would be discreet if swift
but you know that I can't do that

From Don Juan

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