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17 September 2014

Last Electric dates

Pet Shop Boys will be travelling to Singapore this week to start the last leg of the Electric tour. There are only four more dates: Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Taipei. Full venue and ticket details can be found in the Tour section of this site.

Straits Times (interview)
Time Out Hong Kong (interview)
South China Morning Post (interview)


Pet Shop Boys - Electric Pet Shop Boys Merchandise


17 September 2014
Last Electric dates

The four last Electric dates are imminent.

6 September 2014
Electric 100

The one hundredth show.

28 August 2014
Back on tour

After a break, the tour restarts tomorrow.

22 August 2014
Pet Shop Boys in The Archers

Pet Shop Boys will make a guest appearance in The Archers radio series.

9 August 2014
An Electric week

Five concerts in seven days

Pet Texts

21 September 2014
Singapore Grand Prix

Well done Lewis! Chris x



On this day

1998: Chris and Neil are in the studio working on 'For Your Own Good.'

2009: They perform the second of their two Pandemonium Tour concerts in San Francisco.

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Sing the songs that lovers sing
if I could change your mind
Am I not the loving kind?

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