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9 June 2006

Some questions answered

Some fans on a forum (www​.tennant​-lowe​.com) have sent in some questions and Neil has answered some of them: 

Q. Are the b sides, such as Resurrectionist, and Girls Dont cry other tracks that you contemplated for this album ? or are they from previous recordings for other albums?
A. They were written at the same time as many of the songs on “Fundamental” but we didn’t think they fitted on the album. 

Q. Why does japan get rare tracks on each albums and we miss out in the UK?
A. In Japan, domestic releases are more expensive than foreign imports so they always get something extra to make the domestic release more attractive.

Q. Fugitive is fantastic. Will this be a single?
A. No.

Q. A few years back you performed Philadelphia for the TV show Re-Covered. Is there anychance ever that this could be released as a B‑side or a single. It’s an incredibly moving song, and your version was awesome.… please please please.
A. We might record it sometime but Chris doesn’t think our arrangement was good enough.

Q. Will the wonderful PSB touch the italian shores before 2007?
A. We’re hoping to be doing a TV show in Italy during the summer.

Q. What on earth ever happened to Jack Bond, the bloke who directed the HEART video and then went on to “oversee” that fine, fine cinematic production from the late 1980s, “It couldn’t happen here”? He appears briefly in the HEART video and then…?
A. I haven’t seen him for years but I think he still directs commercials and TV films.

Q. Will you ever come to Bristol to do a performance?
A. We came twice on the Release tour so I hope we may come next year.

Q. Is ‘Integral’ partly inspired by a book called ‘We’ by Evgeni Zamyatin besides ID cards?
A. No, it’s not.

Q. Are you comming to Russia in the next tour?
A. I hope so but no plans at the moment.

Q. Will you be in South America (Argentina or Brazil, or ‑why not- Uruguay) during the Fundamental Tour?
A. Yes, but I don’t know which countries.

Q. Discovery Tour on DVD?
A. It is planned to release “Discovery”, “It couldn’t happen here” and the complete 1989 tour film (directed by Derek Jarman) on DVD in the next few years. But please be patient…

Q. Will we ever have a live cd?
A. Maybe the BBC Radio 2 concert.

Q. Why is there no remix CD for I’m With Stupid available? Will this become the norm from now on, or can we expect to see the remixes issued on CD in some markets for the Fundamental singles?
A. One of the formats of “Minimal” will include remixes.

Q. Have you considered making rarities compilation CDs for the fanclub? Perhaps the “download only” remixes could be sold as fanclub CD EPs?
A. We are thinking about a function like this online.

Q. Do you have in plans concert in Poland?
A. Yes on September 10th in Warsaw.

Q. Do you still have the intention to make big concert with big theatrical tricks when touring?
A. The new tour is quite theatrical!

Q. What is happening with Nightlife Further Listening?
A. It was postponed by Parlophone. It will be released at some point though. 

Q. Will there be a Closer to Heaven-further listening?
A. Those tracks would be on the “Nightlife” Further Listening CD.

Q. Will Sylvia Mason-James go on the Fundamental tour?
A. She will along with two other vocalists.

Q. What will happen to ‘Bright young things’? It’s a masterpiece, one of the best PSB songs ever.
A. Thanks. It will probably be a bonus track on a single this year.

Q. Integral should be single, don’t you think so?
A. Yes, I do. But I think about half the tracks on the album could be singles…

Pet Text
19 July 2024

Thanks to everyone who came to the “Dreamworld” shows in Prague, Warsaw, Berlin, Barcelona and Pori, Pet Shop Boys had a wonderful time with you all! Next week they return to London for five consecutive shows at the Royal Opera House.

Photo by: cruillafest/IG

Recent News

5 July 2024

Pet Shop Boys’ new single “A new bohemia” is released on CD today.

7 June 2024

Neil has contributed lyrics and vocals to “Zero Hour”, a new song written in collaboration with composer Michael Berkeley which also features guitarist David Gilmour.

5 June 2024

Brand-new “Dreamworld” 2024 tour merchandise is now available from the official Pet Shop Boys store.

4 June 2024

The official video for Pet Shop Boys’ new single, “A new bohemia”, is now available to watch on the official PSB YouTube channel at the link below.

4 June 2024

Pet Shop Boys’ new single, “A new bohemia”, is released digitally today.

3 June 2024

Pet Shop Boys are excited to confirm that they will be headlining this year’s BBC Radio 2 In The Park festival in Preston.

24 May 2024

A special T‑shirt will be available to buy at Pet Shop Boys’ show at KOKO, London this Sunday, 26th May.