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19 August 2007

We need you

Pet Shop Boys are seeking 200 people to appear in their new video for the upcoming release of their anti-ID card track, Integral, for which filming takes place in Central London this Tuesday, 21st August.
We need 200 people to attend Whitefield Memorial Church, 79a Tottenham Court Road, on Tuesday afternoon (between 3pm and 7pm) who are needed to variously hold up printed frames of the video clip to their faces or move around in the background.
We can’t pay anyone, but there will be refreshments, and it’s for a great cause. Neil and Chris were already filmed and will not attend the filming.
The video develops Integral’s lyrical theme of ID cards and the erosion of civil liberties in the UK by central government and combines a mix of surveillance type footage and information technology. Also embedded in the film are single frames of QR Code, a new Bar Code technology that is readable by the camera in people’s mobile phones. The QR Codes contain url destinations that elaborate on the issues, and encourage viewers to get active.
Everyone involved will get a credit at the end of the video, from one of the barcodes. There’s no dress code.
For further details please email Jacqui at the following address: jacqui@​thesweetshop.​tv

Pet Text
19 July 2024

Thanks to everyone who came to the “Dreamworld” shows in Prague, Warsaw, Berlin, Barcelona and Pori, Pet Shop Boys had a wonderful time with you all! Next week they return to London for five consecutive shows at the Royal Opera House.

Photo by: cruillafest/IG

Recent News

22 July 2024

Pet Shop Boys return to Chris’ hometown of Blackpool for an intimate performance at the legendary Funny Girls cabaret bar on Friday, 6th September.


5 July 2024

Pet Shop Boys’ new single “A new bohemia” is released on CD today.

7 June 2024

Neil has contributed lyrics and vocals to “Zero Hour”, a new song written in collaboration with composer Michael Berkeley which also features guitarist David Gilmour.

5 June 2024

Brand-new “Dreamworld” 2024 tour merchandise is now available from the official Pet Shop Boys store.

4 June 2024

The official video for Pet Shop Boys’ new single, “A new bohemia”, is now available to watch on the official PSB YouTube channel at the link below.

4 June 2024

Pet Shop Boys’ new single, “A new bohemia”, is released digitally today.

3 June 2024

Pet Shop Boys are excited to confirm that they will be headlining this year’s BBC Radio 2 In The Park festival in Preston.