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16 February 2009

Yes, Pet Shop Boys etc.

Yes, Pet Shop Boys etc.

Along with the regular release of “Yes” on March 23rd, there’ll be a double-CD release including a bonus CD which Pet Shop Boys have titled “etc.”
The first track on it is a new Tennant/Lowe song, produced by Xenomania, called “This used to be the future”, which features vocals by Neil, Chris and guest vocalist Philip Oakey from The Human League. The other six tracks on “etc.” are instrumental dub mixes by Xenomania and Pet Shop Boys of tracks from “Yes”. (The inspiration for this bonus album came from The Human League’s 1982 dub album, “Love and Dancing”.)
The full track-listing of “etc.” is as follows:
1 This used to be the future
2. More than a dream (Magical dub)
3. Pandemonium (The stars and the sun dub)
4. The way it used to be (Left of love dub)
5. All over the world (This is a dub)
6. Vulnerable (Public eye dub)
7. Love etc. (Beautiful dub)
“Yes, Pet Shop Boys etc.” will also have a simultaneous digital release.

Pet Text
19 July 2024

Thanks to everyone who came to the “Dreamworld” shows in Prague, Warsaw, Berlin, Barcelona and Pori, Pet Shop Boys had a wonderful time with you all! Next week they return to London for five consecutive shows at the Royal Opera House.

Photo by: cruillafest/IG

Recent News

5 July 2024

Pet Shop Boys’ new single “A new bohemia” is released on CD today.

7 June 2024

Neil has contributed lyrics and vocals to “Zero Hour”, a new song written in collaboration with composer Michael Berkeley which also features guitarist David Gilmour.

5 June 2024

Brand-new “Dreamworld” 2024 tour merchandise is now available from the official Pet Shop Boys store.

4 June 2024

The official video for Pet Shop Boys’ new single, “A new bohemia”, is now available to watch on the official PSB YouTube channel at the link below.

4 June 2024

Pet Shop Boys’ new single, “A new bohemia”, is released digitally today.

3 June 2024

Pet Shop Boys are excited to confirm that they will be headlining this year’s BBC Radio 2 In The Park festival in Preston.

24 May 2024

A special T‑shirt will be available to buy at Pet Shop Boys’ show at KOKO, London this Sunday, 26th May.