Holly Woodlawn

Very sad to hear that the irrepressible Warhol “superstar”, Holly Woodlawn, has died. I remember going in 1973 to see the Paul Morrissey/Andy Warhol film, “Trash”, in which she starred and experiencing a different world, an outrageous humour and the proof that one could invent oneself. Lou Reed had already immortalised her in “Walk On The Wild Side”… "Holly came from Miami F-L-A, Hitchhiked her way across the U.S.A., Plucked her eyebrows on the way, Shaved her legs and then he was a she." It was a thrill a few years ago to meet Holly in London. A legend. Neil x

14 March 2020

Will PSB tour dates be postponed?


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Keep your distance
Pet Text
27 March 2020

We all need to practise “social distancing” these days. Link below.

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Pet Text
25 March 2020

Noodling on the piano yesterday. Video links below. Chris x

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Pet Text
23 March 2020

And these are anxious times! What are you listening to? Neil x

Books reviewed
Pet Text
22 March 2020

The reissues of Chris Heath’s books, “Pet Shop Boys, Literally” and “Pet Shop Boys Versus America” are discussed and reviewed by BBC News. Link below.

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Pet Text
21 March 2020

Self-isolating at home! Like you, I’m trying to stay safe… Neil xxx

Tom Watkins
Pet Text
10 March 2020

Chris and I were sad to learn that our first manager Tom Watkins has died after being ill for several years. I first met Tom in 1975 and then a decade later he became our manager

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New boy
Pet Text
9 March 2020

I have a box of cassettes of demos Chris and I made in Camden in the early 80s. This is one from 1984

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Prospect Cottage
Pet Text
29 February 2020

Visiting Prospect Cottage in Dungeness, Kent, the former home and garden of Derek Jarman. I have many happy memories of visiting Derek here in the late 80s and early 90s

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