Earth Day

Today is Earth Day and the folk singer Sam Lee will be celebrating it by broadcasting live on You Tube at 10 pm this evening, taking listeners "on a journey into the woods of Sussex to hear the unforgettable song of the nightingale". He will also be linking up with special guest musicians in their own homes for "real-time improvised duets and poetic offerings". The music will include a piece by PSB from their “My Beautiful Laundrette” music. Link to the broadcast below. UPDATE: The entire broadcast can be heard at the You Tube link below. PSB are at approx 2:21.

11 August 2020

An artwork made of sound waves from “It’s a sin”, signed by Neil and Chris, is being auctioned to benefit the charity, Children in Conflict.

Charity auction

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Pet Text
7 August 2020

Polaroid from 1993 photo-session with Andy Earl for “I wouldn’t normally…” artwork. Costume by David Fielding. Love that wig! Neil x

Pet Text
1 August 2020

First time I’ve been on a train since March! Hope you’re all keeping well. Neil xx

Birthday boy
Pet Text
12 July 2020

Thanks for all your lovely birthday messages! Neil xx

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Happy Birthday, Neil
Pet Text
7 July 2020

It’s Neil’s birthday this Friday. If you’d like to leave him a birthday message, a fan has kindly set up a guestbook where you can do that. Link below.

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Books reviewed
Pet Text
2 July 2020

There's a review of "Pet Shop Boys, Literally" and "Pet Shop Boys versus America" in this week's issue of the Times Literary Supplement. Link below.

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Hong Kong
Pet Text
1 July 2020

Just wanted to say hello to all of our friends in Hong Kong (where we played our first full-length concert in 1989 – pic above). Love, Neil x

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Peter's Pop Show
Pet Text
24 June 2020

Four PSB live performances on Peter’s Pop Show from the 1980s have been released on YouTube and are available to watch at the link below

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Pet Text
16 June 2020

Old cassettes from various studio sessions… Neil x

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