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Elysium/Further listening: 2011-2012 (2017 remaster)
20 October 2017

Elysium/Further listening: 2011–2012 (2017 remaster)

As well as the remastered album with original track-listing, the ‘Further listening’ album of additional material features previously unreleased demos entitled ‘Vocal’, ‘She pops’ and ‘In slow motion’, as well as PSB mixes and remixes of ‘Leaving’ and ‘Memory of the future’.
The 2CD format is packaged with an extensive booklet in which Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe discuss each song, illustrated with many archive photographs. The entire project is designed by Farrow.



  1. LeavingLyrics
  2. InvisibleLyrics
  3. WinnerLyrics
  4. Your early stuffLyrics
  5. A face like thatLyrics
  6. Breathing spaceLyrics
  7. Ego musicLyrics
  8. Hold onLyrics
  9. Give it a goLyrics
  10. Memory of the futureLyrics
  11. Everything means somethingLyrics
  12. Requiem in denim and leopardskinLyrics


  1. Vocal (demo)
  2. She pops (demo)Lyrics
  3. InsideLyrics
  4. In slow motion (demo)Lyrics
  5. ListeningLyrics
  6. HellLyrics
  7. I started a joke
  8. In his imaginationLyrics
  9. Leaving (Believe in PSB mix)
  10. Leaving (Side by side remix)
  11. Leaving (Freedom remix)
  12. Memory of the future (new single mix)



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