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20 October 2023


Pet Shop Boys release the remastered reissue of “Relentless”, celebrating the 30th anniversary of an album which occupies a legendary status in their catalogue. “Relentless” comes in a new variety of formats: a limited-edition yellow vinyl is available to buy exclusively via the Pet Shop Boys store and there’s a CD and an online digital release.

“This album was an experiment for us 30 years ago with its six new extended dance tracks. We’re very proud of it and delighted it’s now getting the stand-alone release it deserves.”



  1. My head is spinningLyrics
  2. Forever in love (Relentless version)Lyrics
  3. KDX 125
  4. We came from outer space
  5. The man who has everythingLyrics
  6. One thing leads to anotherLyrics



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