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3 April 2024

Dancing star

Inspired by the life of Rudolf Nureyev, the ballet dancer who defected from the Soviet Union and became a global star, “Dancing star” is the second single taken from Pet Shop Boys’ fifteenth studio album, “Nonetheless”.

“Dancing star” includes two previously unreleased bonus tracks, a remix and extended remix of the title track by Solomun and a Superchumbo (Tom Stephan) remix of “Party in the Blitz” featuring Clubland legend Princess Julia.

Artwork photo © 1962, Royal Opera House. Photograph by Donald Southern



  1. Dancing starLyrics
  2. Dancing star (Solomun extended remix)
  3. Party in the Blitz (Superchumbo remix)
  4. Dancing star (Solomun remix)


  1. Dancing starLyrics
  2. Sense of timeLyrics
  3. If Jesus had a sisterLyrics
  4. Dancing star (Solomun extended remix)
  5. Party in the Blitz (Superchumbo remix)
  6. Dancing star (Solomun remix)



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