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If Jesus had a sister

If Jesus had a sister
would she bring him down to earth?
Say “Jesus, I’m your sister
I can say for what it’s worth
You might find immortality
but what’s the good of that to you?
Your father is a carpenter
why don’t you get a trade too?”

The authorities won’t tolerate
these claims he tends to make
Calls himself a Messiah
when he’s assumed to be a fake

If Jesus had a sister
she’d say “Get real, Mister!”

Of course he has a mother
and though she’s very nice
She never seems to offer
any sensible advice
If Jesus had a sister
she might put up a fight

Climbing up a mountain
preaching to one and all
It might sound like a humble sermon
but pride comes before a fall
The truth may still elude us
but it’ll catch up in the end
or my name isn’t Judas
and Jesus is not my friend

If only he had a sister
to say “Get real, Mister!”

From Dancing star