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Yes/Further listening: 2008-2010 (2017 remaster)
20 October 2017

Yes/Further listening: 2008–2010 (2017 remaster)

This reissue of ‘Yes’ includes — alongside the remastered original album — Pet Shop Boys’ previously unreleased monitor mix of ‘The loving kind’, a song which became a Top 10 hit for Girls Aloud, as well as previously unreleased demos of songs from the 2010 Young Vic theatre production, My Dad’s A Birdman. PSB mixes of ‘Did you see me coming?’, ‘The former enfant terrible’ and more are also included. The 3CD format is packaged with an extensive booklet in which Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe discuss each song, illustrated with many archive photographs. The entire project is designed by Farrow.



  1. Love etc.Lyrics
  2. All over the worldLyrics
  3. Beautiful peopleLyrics
  4. Did you see me coming?Lyrics
  5. VulnerableLyrics
  6. More than a dreamLyrics
  7. Building a wallLyrics
  8. King of RomeLyrics
  9. PandemoniumLyrics
  10. The way it used to beLyrics
  11. LegacyLyrics


  1. Gin and JagLyrics
  2. This used to be the futureLyrics
  3. We’re all criminals nowLyrics
  4. Gin and Jag (Frisky mix)
  5. Beautiful people (demo)
  6. My girlLyrics
  7. The loving kind (monitor mix)
  8. Love etc (PSB mix)
  9. Did you see me coming? (PSB Possibly more mix)
  10. The former enfant terrible (PSB Bring it on mix)
  11. Up and downLyrics
  12. Brits medley


  1. I cried for usLyrics
  2. It doesn’t often snow at Christmas (new version)
  3. All over the world (new version)
  4. Viva la vida/Domino dancing (Christmas EP mix)
  5. My girl (our house mix)
  6. Leaving (demo)
  7. TogetherLyrics
  8. Glad All Over
  9. The dumpling song (demo from My Dad’s A Birdman)
  10. Wings and faith (demo from My Dad’s A Birdman)
  11. Night songLyrics



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