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Behaviour/Further listening: 1990-1991 (2018 remastered)
4 June 2001

Behaviour (Further listening 1990–1991)


Disc 01

  1. Being boringLyrics
  2. This must be the place I waited years to leaveLyrics
  3. To face the truthLyrics
  4. How can you expect to be taken seriously?Lyrics
  5. Only the windLyrics
  6. My October symphonyLyrics
  7. So hardLyrics
  8. NervouslyLyrics
  9. The end of the worldLyrics
  10. JealousyLyrics

Disc 02

  1. It must be obviousLyrics
  2. So hard (extended dance mix)
  3. MiserablismLyrics
  4. Being boring (extended mix)
  5. Bet she’s not your girlfriendLyrics
  6. We all feel better in the dark (extended mix)
  7. Where the streets have no name (I can’t take my eyes off you) (extended mix)
  8. Jealousy (extended mix)
  9. Generic jingleLyrics
  10. DJ Culture (extended mix)
  11. Was it worth it? (twelve-inch mix)
  12. Music for boys (ambient mix)
  13. DJ Culture (seven-inch mix)



Purple zone (The Remixes)

Soft Cell and Pet Shop Boys