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Introspective/Further listening: 1988-1989 (2018 remaster)
4 June 2001

Introspective (Further listening 1988–1989)


Disc 01

  1. Left to my own devicesLyrics
  2. I want a dogLyrics
  3. Domino dancingLyrics
  4. I’m not scaredLyrics
  5. Always on my mind/In my houseLyrics
  6. It’s alrightLyrics

Disc 02

  1. I get excited (you get excited too)Lyrics
  2. Don Juan (demo version)
  3. Domino dancing (demo version)
  4. Domino dancing (alternative version)
  5. The sound of the atom splittingLyrics
  6. What keeps mankind alive?Lyrics
  7. Don Juan (disco mix)
  8. Losing my mind (disco mix)
  9. Nothing has been proved (demo for Dusty)
  10. So sorry, I said (demo for Liza)
  11. Left to my own devices (seven-inch mix)
  12. It’s alright (ten-inch version)
  13. One of the crowdLyrics
  14. It’s alright (seven-inch version)
  15. Your funny uncleLyrics



Purple zone (The Remixes)

Soft Cell and Pet Shop Boys