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Nightlife/Further listening: 1996–2000 (2017 remaster)
28 July 2017

Nightlife/Further listening: 1996–2000 (2017 remaster)

‘Nightlife’, the darkly orchestrated collaboration with producers Rollo, Craig Armstrong and David Morales, originally released in 1999, is reissued here with two ‘Further listening’ CDs, including exclusive, unreleased tracks such as ‘Playing in the streets’, ‘Tall thin men’ and ‘For all of us’ and demo versions of ‘Vampires’, ‘Call me old-fashioned’ and ‘Radiophonic’.
Pre-order the digital version of ‘Nightlife/Further listening: 1996–2000’ and get track ‘For all of us’ as an immediate download.



  1. For your own goodLyrics
  2. Closer to HeavenLyrics
  3. I don’t know what you want but I can’t give it any moreLyrics
  4. Happiness is an optionLyrics
  5. You only tell me you love me when you’re drunkLyrics
  6. VampiresLyrics
  7. RadiophonicLyrics
  8. The only oneLyrics
  9. Boy strangeLyrics
  10. In denialLyrics
  11. New York City boyLyrics
  12. FootstepsLyrics


  1. Vampires (demo)
  2. For all of us (demo)
  3. Call me old-fashioned (demo)Lyrics
  4. Friendly fireLyrics
  5. Believe/Song For Guy (featuring Elton John)
  6. Sail away
  7. It doesn’t often snow at Christmas (fan club mix)Lyrics
  8. NightlifeLyrics
  9. Playing in the streetsLyrics
  10. Tall thin menLyrics
  11. Radiophonic (demo)


  1. Somebody else’s businessLyrics
  2. Silver ageLyrics
  3. ScreamingLyrics
  4. For all of usLyrics
  5. The ghost of myselfLyrics
  6. Casting a shadow
  7. I don’t know what you want but I can’t give it any more (The PSB Extension): 8.39
  8. Was it worth it? (live)
  9. LiesLyrics
  10. Paris city boy (full French)Lyrics
  11. Positive role modelLyrics
  12. Somebody else’s business (extended mix)Lyrics



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