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Please/Further listening: 1984-1986 (2018 remaster)
4 June 2001

Please (Further listening 1984–1986)


Disc 01

  1. Two divided by zeroLyrics
  2. West End girlsLyrics
  3. Opportunities (Let’s make lots of money)Lyrics
  4. Love comes quicklyLyrics
  5. SuburbiaLyrics
  6. Opportunities (reprise)
  7. Tonight is foreverLyrics
  8. ViolenceLyrics
  9. I want a loverLyrics
  10. Later tonightLyrics
  11. Why don’t we live together?Lyrics

Disc 02

  1. A man could get arrested (twelve-inch b‑side)
  2. Opportunities (let’s make lots of money) (full length original seven-inch)
  3. In the nightLyrics
  4. Opportunities (let’s make lots of money) (original twelve-inch mix)
  5. Why don’t we live together? (original New York mix)Lyrics
  6. West End girls (dance mix)
  7. A man could get arrested (seven-inch b‑side)
  8. Love comes quickly (dance mix)
  9. That’s my impression (disco mix)
  10. Was that what it was?Lyrics
  11. Suburbia (the full horror)
  12. Jack the ladLyrics
  13. Paninaro (Italian mix)



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