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Very Relentless
27 September 1993

Very Relentless


Disc 01

  1. Can you forgive her?Lyrics
  2. I wouldn’t normally do this kind of thingLyrics
  3. LiberationLyrics
  4. A different point of viewLyrics
  5. Dreaming of the QueenLyrics
  6. Yesterday, when I was madLyrics
  7. The theatreLyrics
  8. One and one make fiveLyrics
  9. To speak is a sinLyrics
  10. Young offenderLyrics
  11. One in a millionLyrics
  12. Go WestLyrics

Disc 02

  1. My head is spinningLyrics
  2. Forever in loveLyrics
  3. KDX 125
  4. We came from outer space
  5. The man who has everythingLyrics
  6. One thing leads to anotherLyrics


  1. Forever in love (Relentless version)Lyrics



Purple zone (The Remixes)

Soft Cell and Pet Shop Boys