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Disco 4
8 October 2007

Disco 4

A collection of remixes by Pet Shop Boys featuring songs by The Killers, Madonna, Pet Shop Boys, Yoko Ono, Madonna, Atomizer and Rammstein. Released on October 8th 2007.



  1. The Killers: Read My Mind (PSB “Stars are blazing” mix)
  2. David Bowie: Hallo spaceboy (Pet Shop Boys remix)
  3. Integral (PSB Perfect Immaculate mix)
  4. Yoko Ono: Walking on thin ice (Pet Shop Boys electro mix)
  5. Madonna: Sorry (PSB Maxi-mix)
  6. Atomizer: Hooked On Radiation (PSB Orange Alert mix)
  7. Rammstein: Mein Teil (PSB There are no guitars on this mix)
  8. I’m with Stupid (PSB Maxi-mix)



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