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Absolutely fabulous
31 May 1994

Absolutely fabulous

(PSB with Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley)
On May 31, 1994, a single ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ (the artist’s name, too, is nominally Absolutely Fabulous) was released. It features snippets of dialogue spoken by Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley, from the TV series Absolutely Fabulous, set to a Pet Shop Boys euro-disco backing track (Jennifer Saunders also went into the studio to add some further irreverent chatter, such as “techno, techno bloody techno” and “it’s the bloody Pet Shop Boys sweetie”). “We had the idea because we liked the programme so much”, says Neil. “We thought it would make a funny record, and we quite fancied meeting them”. The record’s profits are donated to the British Charity Comic Relief. “I know some people are horrified that we did a charity record”, says Neil, “but it just seemed a way of dealing with it. It made it simple, because we did the record for fun, not as a major artistic statement”.



  1. Absolutely fabulous (7″ Mix)
  2. Absolutely fabulous (our tribe tongue-in-cheek mix)
  3. Absolutely dubulous
  4. Absolutely fabulous (dull soulless dance music mix)



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