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DJ Culture
14 October 1991

DJ Culture

A single, ‘DJ Culture’, co-produced by British dance music duo Brothers In Rhythm, was released on October 14, 1991. “It is about
how facile and pretentious modern life is”, Neil explains, “just as in DJ records everything is sampled to sound authentic, so
in a lot of aspects of modern life – for instance in politics – it is almost as though attitudes are sampled. People pretend
to sound concerned; everyone pretends that the Gulf War was a real war, and that President Bush or John Major are successful
war leaders. In fact they sample the past – the Second World War, or a war movie – and the public also samples their response
from wars in the past. The whole thing is sort of fake”. In the video Neil and Chris appear in appropriate costumes: as
soldiers and doctors; as a referee and a soccer player; as Oscar Wilde and his trial Judge.



  1. DJ CultureLyrics
  2. Music for boys


  1. DJ CultureLyrics
  2. Music for boys
  3. DJ Culture (extended mix)



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