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Flamboyant artwork
29 March 2004


A different mix from that on the PopArt album. Also included were a mix by the Scissor Sisters in which they tried to capture the sound of “Station To Station”-era David Bowie. One of the bonus tracks was an unusual 60s-influenced song, “I didn’t get where I am today”, featuring Johnny Marr on guitar.


CD 1

  1. FlamboyantLyrics
  2. I didn’t get where I am todayLyrics

CD 2

  1. Flamboyant (Scissor Sisters silhouettes and shadows mix)
  2. Flamboyant (Tomcraft extended mix)
  3. Flamboyant (DJ Hell remix)
  4. Flamboyant (original demo)


  1. Flamboyant (DJ Hell mix)
  2. Flamboyant (Scissor Sisters silhouettes and shadows mix)
  3. West End girls (DJ Hell remix)



Purple zone (The Remixes)

Soft Cell and Pet Shop Boys