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Go West artwork
6 September 1993

Go West

‘Go West’ was released as a single on September 6, 1993. It is the song they originally chose to cover at their Hacienda concert the previous year. “I was at home in my flat”, recalls Chris, “playing, as I often do, The Village People’s Greatest Hits album and I though ‘Go West’ would be a good song to play at a Derek Jarman event, a song about an idealistic, gay utopia. And I knew that the way Neil would sing it would make it sound hopeless; you’ve got these inspiring lyrics but it sounds like it’s never going to be achieved”. The video, which combines footage filmed in Moscow’s Red Square with an oblique tribute to A Matter of Life And Death, finds them in a new set of costumes: Neil in blue, Chris in yellow, and both of them wearing blue-and-yellow domes on their heads.



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CD 1

  1. Go WestLyrics
  2. ShamelessLyrics
  3. Go West (Mings gone west: first and second movement)

CD 2

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  2. Go West (Farley and Heller disco mix)
  3. Go West (Kevin Saunderson tribe mix)



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