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It’s alright
26 June 1989

It’s alright

On June 26, 1989, ‘It’s Alright’ is released. They originally heard this song – by Chicago House artist Sterling Void – when one of them popped out during the recording of ‘I Get Excited’ (The B‑side of ‘Heart’) and bought Acid Tracks: The House Sound Of Chicago Vol. 3 on CD and were both immediately impressed by this song. For a single they re-recorded it in a more poppy style and Neil added a verse about the threat facing the world environment. “It’s about the power of music. It’s a bit cosmic really – it’s saying that if people still make music then there’s always going to be a good side to what people do so mankind is never going to be totally destructive. It’s very sincere and there’s something about the song that makes perfect sense. It has this beautiful line: ‘I can hear it on a timeless wavelength, never dissipating and giving us strength’. I think that’s true. Music is an inspiration to people and always has been an inspiration to people. Music represents the good side of mankind; music tends to be a good force rather than a bad force”.



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