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28 May 1991


‘Jealousy’, remodelled to include a real orchestra, is released on May 28, 1991. It is a song that they had actually written nine years ago, in the spring of 1982, and is, quite simply about jealousy. “There’s some good lines in there”, observes Chris, “like ‘you didn’t phone when you said you would’. You know when you stay in and they say they’re going to phone at eight o’clock and they don’t all night and you go absolutely bonkers?” The twelve inch version contains a quote from Shakespeare’s tragic study of jealousy, Othello. In the video, shot in a west London car showroom, the Pet Shop Boys stand by as a roomful of dining villains move from jealousy to violence.



  1. JealousyLyrics
  2. Losing my mind

12 & CD 1

  1. Jealousy (7″ version)
  2. Losing my mind (7″ version)
  3. Losing my mind (disco mix)

12 & CD 2

  1. Jealousy (extended version)
  2. This must be the place I waited years to leave (extended mix)
  3. So hard (eclipse mix)



Purple zone (The Remixes)

Soft Cell and Pet Shop Boys