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11 November 1996


On November 11, 1996, ‘Single-Bilingual’ was released as a single. (It has a different title to the album version because Everything But The Girl have just released a single called ’Single’). “The narrator is a very glib Euro businessman, a glib Eurocrat who flies business class and likes all his privileges”, says Neil. “He tries to pick up chicks at meet ‘n’ greets. Bet he’s not really communicating, and he knows it. In actual fact he’s a hopeless wreck. That’s why it ends with a reprise of ‘Discoteca’. He could be literally going to a club, but it’s also saying he’s a lost and frightened person”. These themes are played out in superficially comic video filmed at Stansted airport. “That is”, comments Chris, “what Neil is really like. It brings out Neil’s true humour. He’s not acting. Behind that sombre facade, that’s what’s there. Personality.” To promote the single, the Pet Shop Boys make a rare semi-live TV appearance, performing two songs and being interviewed by Chris Evans on TFI Friday. During the interview Chris is given a straw donkey.



  1. Single bilingual
  2. Discoteca (new version)

CD 1

  1. Single bilingual
  2. Discoteca (new version)
  3. The calm before the stormLyrics
  4. Discoteca (Trouser Enthusiasts adventures beyond the stellar empire mix)

CD 2

  1. Discoteca (PSB extended mix)
  2. Confidential (1992 demo for Tina Turner)
  3. Single bilingual (Baby Doc mix)
  4. Discoteca (Baby Doc mix)



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