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Yesterday, when I was mad
29 August 1994

Yesterday, when I was mad

‘Yesterday, when I was mad’ was released as a single on August 29, 1994, in a new version remixed by the Pet Shop Boys and Julian Mendelsohn. “I started the words on the last tour”, remembers Neil, “on the tour bus when I was in a bad mood, and it was just about the kind of things people say to you after the show. On tour it’s very difficult to believe in anyone’s sincerity. You get quite a lot of damning with faint praise, and it struck me it would be quite a funny idea for a song just to have lots of bitchy remarks which drive you mad. I don’t think anyone’s actually ever said to us ‘you’ve made such a little go a very long way’, but we do tend to get patronising reviews. As for the competition winners, hotel rooms and arguing about dinner, see ‘Pet Shop Boys versus America’.


CD 1

  1. Yesterday, when I was madLyrics
  2. If love were all
  3. Can you forgive her? (swing version)
  4. Yesterday, when I was mad (Jam & Spoon mix)

CD 2

  1. Yesterday, when I was mad (coconut 1 remix)
  2. Some speculationLyrics
  3. Yesterday, when I was mad (Junior Vasquez factory dub)
  4. Yesterday, when I was mad (raf zone dub)



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