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15 July 2013

The new album, produced by Stuart Price, released on July 15th, 2013.




Love is a bourgeois construct


Inside a dream

The last to die

Shouting in the evening

Thursday (featuring Example)




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15 April 2015
Tres Sesenta Festival

Pet Shop Boys add a third Spanish date to their 2015 tour.

27 March 2015
Way Out West

The Electric 2015 tour will come to Sweden this summer.

27 March 2015
Flow Festival Helsinki

Pet Shop Boys return to Finland to appear at Flow Festival.

23 March 2015
Festival Jardins De Pedralbes

The Electric tour makes a second visit to Spain this year.

16 March 2015
Closer To Heaven returns

A brand new London production opens next month.

On this day

1991: The Boys perform in Munich, Germany.

2005: They work in the studio on 'Twentieth Century.'

2013: Neil and Chris are rehearsing this weekend in preparation for their upcoming Electric Tour.

2014: Chris and Neil announce on their official website that they will henceforth boycott The Beverly Hills Hotel, which they've previously stayed at 'a couple times,' because it's part of an international chain owned by the Sultan of Brunei, whose nation recently decreed death by stoning for gay people.

Pet Texts

27 April 2015
Irish referendum

While campaigning for the General Election is taking place in the UK, an historic referendum on marriage equality is making headlines in Ireland. The result of the referendum on May 22nd will determine whether gay marriage will be legalised in the Republic of Ireland. Full details at the link below. Neil x

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