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15 July 2013

The new album, produced by Stuart Price, released on July 15th, 2013.




Love is a bourgeois construct


Inside a dream

The last to die

Shouting in the evening

Thursday (featuring Example)




Other Albums


24 July 2014
Last night's Prom

The Tennant/Lowe/Hodges tribute to Turing is premiered.

23 July 2014
A Man From The Future

The world premiere at the BBC Proms in London takes place tonight.

19 July 2014

PSB announce a new tour date in Taiwan.

7 July 2014

Pet Shop Boys announce their first ever concert in Malaysia with an Electric show in September.

2 July 2014
Second Sage show announced

Another Electric concert is added in Gateshead this September.

On this day

1999: The Pet Shop Boys are the focus of a feature story and interview in the latest issue (dated today) of the U.K. magazine Flipside.

2006: 'Minimal' is released as a single.

2007: The live Cubism DVD is released in the United States, two months after it had been released in the U.K. and various other countries.

2010: The Boys perform at Nottingham's Splendour Festival.

2011: Let's hope they didn't develop writer's cramp: Neil and Chris sign 500 prints for the very limited special vinyl edition of The Most Incredible Thing.

Pet Texts

24 July 2014
Last night

It was a thrilling night at the Royal Albert Hall for us yesterday. Thanks to everyone involved in making it happen - both PSB crew and BBC staff - and, of course, Chrissie Hynde, Juliet Stevenson and our conductor Dominic Wheeler. Neil x

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