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15 July 2013

The new album, produced by Stuart Price, released on July 15th, 2013.




Love is a bourgeois construct


Inside a dream

The last to die

Shouting in the evening

Thursday (featuring Example)




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15 October 2014

An extra Electric date in Uruguay next month.

1 October 2014
Electric tour 2013-2014

It's finished (more or less).

17 September 2014
Last Electric dates

The four last Electric dates are imminent.

6 September 2014
Electric 100

The one hundredth show.

28 August 2014
Back on tour

After a break, the tour restarts tomorrow.

On this day

1990: Behaviour is released.

2003: The Pet Shop Boys receive the World Arts Award in Hamburg, Germany. The award is presented to them by Mikail Gorbachev, whose daughter later tells them that she used to play their records as a teenager living in the Kremlin.

2006: Dallas, Texas, is tonight's stop on the Fundamental tour.

2008: The Boys continue work at the Xenomania studios on their next album. Today they record background vocals with a small chorus of at least a dozen singers, among them Bob Stanley of Saint Etienne.

2009: Having spent five days in Peru, Chris and Neil board a flight at the Lima Airport, ending their 2009 tour of South America. This was to have been the date of the Pet Shop Boys' Pandemonium Tour concert in Caracas, Venezuela. Unfortunately, it had been canceled a little more than two weeks beforehand, with the promoter formally citing 'razones de logística que afectan la realización del espectáculo' ('reasons of logistics that affect the actualization of the show').

2010: The Pet Shop Boys are guests on Ken Bruce's BBC2 radio show this morning for the 'world radio premiere' of their new single, 'Together.'

Pet Texts

17 October 2014

"What we used to call 'freedom' or 'liberty', we now call 'privacy'. And privacy is dead." Just been to a preview of this gripping documentary film and I highly recommend that you see it when it's released at the end of the month. Neil x

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