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08 March 2009

An 11-track retrospective CD given away in the UK with the Mail On Sunday newspaper on March 8th, 2009.


West End girls (10" mix)

Paninaro (7" mix)

It's a sin (disco mix)

What have I done to deserve this? (7" mix)

Jealousy (7" mix)

Being boring (7" mix)

Go West (7" mix)

Before (7" mix)

Home and dry (7" mix)

Flamboyant (7" mix)

Did you see me coming?


Other Albums


3 February 2016
Pet Shop Boys Documentary

BBC Radio 2 announce a four part documentary celebrating the career of Pet Shop Boys.

21 January 2016
A New Album And Live Dates

Pet Shop Boys announce the new album, Super, and live dates at the Royal Opera House.

23 December 2015
Happy New Year

Looking forward to an exciting 2016.

6 December 2015
MAMA PSB f(x) performance

Watch it here.

2 December 2015
MNET Asian Music Awards

PSB are in Hong Kong today.

On this day

2000: 'You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk' is released as a single in Sweden.

2005: Working in their London studio, Neil and Chris add the bridge to 'Psychological.'

2011: Chris states on their official website that he and Neil have begun writing songs for their next album. One of the songs they work on today, 'Axis,' they had written several nights before. (As it turns out, it won't appear on their next album, Elysium, but instead serves as the opener for the next album after that, Electric.)

2012: Neil re-records vocals for 'Winner.'

2014: For the second time in less than a week, Neil is the subject of a false report online. This time a horrible rumor spreads that he has suffered a major heart attack while visiting Germany and is in the intensive-care unit of a Bremen hospital. Spin magazine quickly refutes this rumor, followed in the wee hours of the next morning by Neil himself, writing on the Boys' official website. He notes that not only is he in good health but he isn't even in Germany. Rather, he was enjoying a dance performance at Sadler's Wells in London when this rumor broke.

Pet Texts

6 February 2016

Warning: False information is circulating online about the new PSB single with fake bonus track names and mix credits. We will be announcing the full single details here soon.

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