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08 March 2009

An 11-track retrospective CD given away in the UK with the Mail On Sunday newspaper on March 8th, 2009.


West End girls (10" mix)

Paninaro (7" mix)

It's a sin (disco mix)

What have I done to deserve this? (7" mix)

Jealousy (7" mix)

Being boring (7" mix)

Go West (7" mix)

Before (7" mix)

Home and dry (7" mix)

Flamboyant (7" mix)

Did you see me coming?


Other Albums


30 April 2016
Brick England with Jean-Michel Jarre

Pet Shop Boys collaboration with Jean-Michel Jarre is set for a May 6th release.

12 April 2016
The Pop Kids 12-inch

The Pop Kids arrives on 12-inch white vinyl this May.

1 April 2016
Super released today

The new album is released today.

31 March 2016

The last part of the Radio 2 documentary series is broadcast tonight.

30 March 2016
Pet Shop Boys collaborate

The third part of the PSB radio documentary.

On this day

2000: Neil and Chris begin working in New York City with Peter Rauhofer on 'Kitsch,' an old song from the sixties. Nothing ever comes of it.

2006: The Boys perform their Battleship Potemkin score in a free concert in Neil's hometown of Newcastle. It's probably no coincidence that this event occurs on May Day—an international socialist holiday.

2008: They rehearse for their upcoming charity performance at the Heaven nightclub in honor of their late friend and associate Dainton Connell.

2009: Though it's dated 'June/July,' it's on the newsstands in this month of May: the Pet Shop Boys appear on the cover of the U.S. gay magazine Out for the second time. Included is a lengthy interview with them by Andrew Sullivan.

Pet Texts

27 April 2016
Sometimes it snows in April

Prince was right. Neil x

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