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The Pop Kids

27 May 2016

The 12" white vinyl release of 'The Pop Kids', which includes remixes by MK, Offer Nissim, The Scene Kinds and Pet Shop Boys themselves. Packaged in an inner and outer bag designed by Farrow.



Other Singles


6 May 2016
Brick England released today

Pet Shop Boys collaboration with Jean-Michel Jarre is released today.

4 May 2016
Literally 42

The new issue of Literally goes on public sale.

12 April 2016
The Pop Kids 12-inch

The Pop Kids arrives on 12-inch white vinyl this May.

1 April 2016
Super released today

The new album is released today.

31 March 2016

The last part of the Radio 2 documentary series is broadcast tonight.

On this day

1991: The Pet Shop Boys perform in Helsinki, Finland.

2005: Neil and Chris talk to Trevor Horn about possibly producing their next album.

2006: The Boys appear on the U.K. TV show Popworld, performing 'I'm with Stupid.'

Pet Texts

27 April 2016
Sometimes it snows in April

Prince was right. Neil x

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