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Fluorescent single (Record Store Day 2014)

19 April 2014

A vinyl-only UK release for Record Store Day 2014.


Fluorescent (Indio mix)

Fluorescent (Cali mix)



Other Singles


9 January 2015
Literally/Fan Club

The Club is closed but the magazine continues.

23 December 2014
Merry Christmas

It's that time of the year (when The Pogues complain that they were kept off the Christmas number one in 1987 by "Always on my mind"...).

30 October 2014
South Africa

Pet Shop Boys announce three tour dates in South Africa.

27 October 2014
Best cover version ever!

"Always On My Mind" by PSB is number one in the BBC Music song covers poll.

15 October 2014

An extra Electric date in Uruguay next month.

On this day

2000: The Boys perform in Stockholm, Sweden.

2001: They begin working on a new song, 'Mid-life Crisis,' for Closer to Heaven, but eventually decide not to include it.

2006: An original musical built around acoustic renditions of Tennant-Lowe songs, Seriously: Pet Shop Boys, Reinterpreted, opens for a limited run in Melbourne, Australia. (Neil and Chris are not directly involved, but they give the show their blessing.)

2008: They write a new instrumental, which they call 'Pedal.'

2012: Chris, Neil, and Andrew Dawson spend the entire day working on 'Requiem in Denim and Leopardskin.'

Pet Texts

28 January 2015

Two hats from the Electric tour are being auctioned on eBay to benefit the charity, St Mungo's Broadway, which helps the homeless. In the tour wardrobe there were two of each hat and these are the back-up ones. The Boy cap is signed by Chris and the mirrored bowler is signed by Neil. Go to the link below for more details and to place a bid.

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