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Fluorescent single (Record Store Day 2014)

19 April 2014

A vinyl-only UK release for Record Store Day 2014.


Fluorescent (Indio mix)

Fluorescent (Cali mix)



Other Singles


15 October 2014

An extra Electric date in Uruguay next month.

1 October 2014
Electric tour 2013-2014

It's finished (more or less).

17 September 2014
Last Electric dates

The four last Electric dates are imminent.

6 September 2014
Electric 100

The one hundredth show.

28 August 2014
Back on tour

After a break, the tour restarts tomorrow.

On this day

1999: The Pet Shop Boys perform in concert in Tampa, Florida—an area that just a week earlier had experienced a close brush with Hurricane Irene. Chris mildly complains to an interviewer about the lingering bad weather.

2006: They perform in Austin, Texas.

2008: Chris and Neil discuss packaging art for their next album with Mark Farrow. Later Sam Taylor-Wood and the Boys throw a party at London's White Cube gallery to celebrate the pending release of their collaborative cover of 'I'm in Love with a German Film Star.' Various celebrities attend, including David Walliams of Little Britain.

2013: The Pet Shop Boys receive the 'Outstanding Contribution to Music' award at this year's Q Magazine awards show in London. Robbie Williams presents them with the award.

Pet Texts

17 October 2014

"What we used to call 'freedom' or 'liberty', we now call 'privacy'. And privacy is dead." Just been to a preview of this gripping documentary film and I highly recommend that you see it when it's released at the end of the month. Neil x

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