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Fluorescent single (Record Store Day 2014)

19 April 2014

A vinyl-only UK release for Record Store Day 2014.


Fluorescent (Indio mix)

Fluorescent (Cali mix)



Other Singles


15 October 2014

An extra Electric date in Uruguay next month.

1 October 2014
Electric tour 2013-2014

It's finished (more or less).

17 September 2014
Last Electric dates

The four last Electric dates are imminent.

6 September 2014
Electric 100

The one hundredth show.

28 August 2014
Back on tour

After a break, the tour restarts tomorrow.

On this day

1992: The Crying Game soundtrack (partly produced by PSB) is released on their Spaghetti label.

1994: The Boys launch their DiscoVery tour in Singapore.

1997: They headline at London's Equality commemoration, having agreed to perform a 'hastily arranged' set only at the last minute. Chris later enthuses, 'It was our greatest moment… our finest hour.'

2006: The Pet Shop Boys perform in Detroit. By a remarkable coincidence, they've done consecutive shows in St. Louis and Detroit at the very same time that those two cities' baseball teams are battling for the World Series championship.

2008: Neil and Chris attend a concert by the Last Shadow Puppets at London's Hammersmith Apollo.

2013: Chris and Neil are interviewed by Graham Norton on his midday show on BBC Radio 2.

Pet Texts

23 October 2014

We were in Brixton tonight for a great concert by Johnny Marr and his band. Noel Gallagher joined him for two encores. Neil x

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