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7 August 1995


On August 7, 1995 an album of Pet Shop Boys B‑sides was released. It is called Alternative (a last minute change from the title which had always been saved for this record: Besides). It contains thirty songs in chronological order from “In the night” to “Some speculation”, and the first copies of the CD and album have a hologram on the cover which shifts between two photographs, one of Neil, one of Chris, both in fencing masks. “They’re some of our favourite songs,” Neil explains, “and it just seemed like a nice idea to have them in one place.”


Disc 01

  1. In the nightLyrics
  2. A man could get arrestedLyrics
  3. That’s my impressionLyrics
  4. Was that what it was?Lyrics
  5. PaninaroLyrics
  6. Jack the ladLyrics
  7. You know where you went wrongLyrics
  8. A new lifeLyrics
  9. I want a dogLyrics
  10. Do I have to?Lyrics
  11. I get excited (you get excited too)Lyrics
  12. Don JuanLyrics
  13. The sound of the atom splittingLyrics
  14. One of the crowdLyrics
  15. Your funny uncleLyrics

Disc 02

  1. It must be obviousLyrics
  2. We all feel better in the darkLyrics
  3. Bet she’s not your girlfriendLyrics
  4. Losing my mind
  5. Music for boys
  6. MiserablismLyrics
  7. Hey, headmasterLyrics
  8. What keeps mankind alive?Lyrics
  9. ShamelessLyrics
  10. Too many peopleLyrics
  11. Violence (Hacienda version)Lyrics
  12. DecadenceLyrics
  13. If love were all
  14. EuroboyLyrics
  15. Some speculationLyrics



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