April 2015

On April 22, the Pet Shop Boys musical Closer to Heaven is performed in London for the first time in fourteen years, in a sold-out month-long run at The Union Theatre. (It will return for a further five weeks beginning on October 21.). For this revival, at the Pet Shop Boys’ request, the musical’s original final number, “Positive role model”, is replaced by “Vocal”.

August 2015

On August 15, the final date of the much-extended Electric tour – which began in March, 2013 – takes place at the Flow Festival in Helsinki. The tour has visited over forty countries.

December 2015

On December 2, the Pet Shop Boys appear at MAMA – the Mnet Asian Music Awards – in Hong Kong. They are given the Worldwide Inspiration award and play a lengthy live medley, joined for their final two songs, “What have I done to deserve this?” and “Vocal”, by the K-Pop artist f(x). At the organisers’ request, they wear the Electric tour straw jackets for, possibly, the final time.

On This Day


The Boys record 'Somewhere' and 'Disco Potential.'


For the first of what turns out to be four days in a row, they work on music that at the time they expect will serve as the concluding segment of A Man from the Future.


The Boys bring their Electric Tour show to 'Austin City Limits Live' at the Moody Theater in Austin, Texas.


This afternoon Neil and Chris attend the first run-through of the upcoming revival of Closer To Heaven at London's Union Theatre.

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