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April 2015

On April 22, the Pet Shop Boys musical Closer to Heaven is performed in London for the first time in fourteen years, in a sold-out month-long run at The Union Theatre. (It will return for a further five weeks beginning on October 21.). For this revival, at the Pet Shop Boys’ request, the musical’s original final number, “Positive role model”, is replaced by “Vocal”.

August 2015

On August 15, the final date of the much-extended Electric tour – which began in March, 2013 – takes place at the Flow Festival in Helsinki. The tour has visited over forty countries.

December 2015

On December 2, the Pet Shop Boys appear at MAMA – the Mnet Asian Music Awards – in Hong Kong. They are given the Worldwide Inspiration award and play a lengthy live medley, joined for their final two songs, “What have I done to deserve this?” and “Vocal”, by the K‑Pop artist f(x). At the organisers’ request, they wear the Electric tour straw jackets for, possibly, the final time.

On this day


Exhausted from their recent summer tour, Chris and Neil are reportedly relaxing at their homes and will soon depart for separate summer holidays.


As their big summer tour together nears its conclusion, PSB and Take That perform in Dusseldorf, Germany.


The Boys perform at the Traffic Festival in Turin, Italy. As Neil cleverly notes the next day on their official website, ‘Touring, Turing, and Turin’ all in the same week!’


They’re in Sweden in anticipation of a pair of concerts in that country within the next several days. Today, in Stockholm, Neil visits ‘ABBA: The Museum.’


Tonight is the first of four consecutive nights’ shows by the Pet Shop Boys at the Royal Opera House in London—their second such ‘residency’ there, the first having been slightly more than two years earlier, in July 2016.


They visit Mark Farrow’s office to see the ‘Dreamland’ single artwork, after which they have dinner with their manager, Angela Becker.