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July 2013

In July the Pet Shop Boys release Electric, an album with a strong dance emphasis produced by Stuart Price: "It's called Electric because that's what it is - electronic music that we hope is exciting." The album went on to receive widespread critical acclaim. Q Magazine praised the release and said “With Electric, Pet Shop Boys have succeeded spectacularly”.



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On this day

1986: An episode of the U.S. TV show Moonlighting includes the original 'West End Girls.'

1997: 'Se A Vida E' and 'To Step Aside' are released as a double-single in the U.S.

2002: Release is released in the U.K.

2007: Continuing their Fundamental tour, the Pet Shop Boys perform at the Avica Resort on Australia's northeastern 'Gold Coast.'

2009: On the newstands this month—the April 2009 issues of Record Collector and The Word, both of which feature Neil and Chris on the cover and interviews with them inside.

2011: Dissatisfied with what he had composed the day before, Chris rewrites the music for the song 'Night and the City,' in the process changing its key and increasing its tempo.


27 March 2015
Way Out West

The Electric 2015 tour will come to Sweden this summer.

27 March 2015
Flow Festival Helsinki

Pet Shop Boys return to Finland to appear at Flow Festival.

23 March 2015
Festival Jardins De Pedralbes

The Electric tour makes a second visit to Spain this year.

16 March 2015
Closer To Heaven returns

A brand new London production opens next month.

2 March 2015
Roman Summer

PSB will play only their second-ever concert in the Italian capital.

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