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July 2013

In July the Pet Shop Boys release Electric, an album with a strong dance emphasis produced by Stuart Price: "It's called Electric because that's what it is - electronic music that we hope is exciting." The album went on to receive widespread critical acclaim. Q Magazine praised the release and said “With Electric, Pet Shop Boys have succeeded spectacularly”.



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On this day

2000: The Pet Shop Boys perform in Brussels, Belgium.

2009: Neil and Chris drive to Croydon to visit the Brit School, which is funded by the U.K. record industry and the government. As they note on their official website, it is traditional for winners of the Brits 'Outstanding Contribution to Music' Award—which the Boys will soon be receiving—to pay a visit there.

2012: They visit the Beverly Center, a huge eight-storey shopping mall in Los Angeles. On this same day, the second PSB b-sides/bonus tracks collection, Format, is released in the U.K.


01 April 2016



3 February 2016
Pet Shop Boys Documentary

BBC Radio 2 announce a four part documentary celebrating the career of Pet Shop Boys.

21 January 2016
A New Album And Live Dates

Pet Shop Boys announce the new album, Super, and live dates at the Royal Opera House.

23 December 2015
Happy New Year

Looking forward to an exciting 2016.

6 December 2015
MAMA PSB f(x) performance

Watch it here.

2 December 2015
MNET Asian Music Awards

PSB are in Hong Kong today.

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