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March 2009

On March 23 the album Yes is released. Unlike their previous album, when the Pet Shop Boys first started writing songs for what would become Yes they had no fixed scheme either sonically or in terms of subject matter. “We ended up writing a group of really poppy songs,” says Neil, “and therefore we decided we would approach the producers Xenomania because they seemed to us like the most interesting and imaginative pop producers at the moment.” Three of the eleven songs on the final album would also be written with Xenomania: “It’s an interesting process. It stretches you and brings new things into your vocabulary.” Johnny Marr — “he famously years ago described himself as the Carlos Alomar of the Pet Shop Boys” — returns to play guitar and also the harmonica, the instrument's first appearance on a Pet Shop Boys record. “We can’t seem to remember how we came up with the title Yes,” says Neil. “Our official story is that we may have taken it from the famous Yoko Ono exhibition in 1967 where you had to climb up a step ladder — as John Lennon famously did — pick up a magnifying glass, look at a tiny word written on the ceiling, and the word was ‘yes’. I think it partly came from that.” (Chris adds: “We thought No was a bit negative.”)

On March 16 the single "Love etc." is released. It is written with, and produced by, Xenomania, and was planned as the first single from early on in the sessions for the new Pet Shop Boys album: "I think it somehow manages to sound like typical Pet Shop Boys without sounding like any record we've ever made before. It's a post-lifestyle anthem. I think it's quite appropriate for the time. What the credit crunch seems to reveal is: if you take the shopping out of society then precisely what is left? The song is saying life isn't just about wealth and shopping."



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On this day

2002: A Top of the Pops special devoted to the Pet Shop Boys airs on U.K. television. On the same day, Neil and Chris take part in a live webchat hosted by the BBC.

2010: As part of an effort to help 'save' independent record shops (which have been dwindling now for several years around the world), today has been declared 'Record Store Day.' As part of the effort, various record companies and performers have issued special limited-edition 'hardcopy' releases to be sold exclusively in such shops. The Pet Shop Boys release a vinyl 45 of 'Love Life' backed with 'A Powerful Friend.'

2012: Neil reportedly attends a small, 'intimate' Rufus Wainwright performance this evening at Under the Bridge in the Fulham section of London.


03 November 2013

Thursday (featuring Example)


17 April 2014
Babylon Soundgarden, Turkey

Turkey is added to the Electric 2014 tour.

16 April 2014
Sandance Festival, Dubai

PSB headline Sandance Festival in Dubai.

15 April 2014
Plaza La Laboral, Spain

A forth Spanish tour date announced for August.

14 April 2014
USA tour

Three dates in Texas and Arizona before a return to Coachella.

11 April 2014

PSB make their Coachella debut tomorrow.

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